AlphaSmart uses in the Classroom

AlphaSmarts are a great tool to use in your classroom.  Share one way you can use them. Tell how your students and you can benefit.


17 thoughts on “AlphaSmart uses in the Classroom”

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  2. My students love writing numbers in AlphaSmarts. They also like writing sentences and stories in both languages. It’s much more fun for them than writing on paper. It’s also good practice for keyboarding.

  3. Alphasmarts are very useful in the classroom. It is a great way to get students writing without using pencil and paper.

  4. I love alpha smarts! What do I love about alphasmarts? They are portable and durable. And you can be really creative with them. The first activity I would like to have is take the students for a noun hunt outside. We get fresh air and learn! Thank you for your time in teaching us about alphasmarts!

  5. Alphasmarts are a great way for my K students to practice their numbers, letters, words, and later on write sentences.

  6. Our students need more exposure to multiple choice, essay, and fill in the blank type tests. This allows us to create these type of tests and save paper at the same type. When students use the alphasmarts they are practicing their typing skills which will help them in the future.

  7. I have really liked the ALpha Smarts since we first got them a few years ago. I was so excited about using them that I spent a long time at the end of the day we got them to get ready for my students to use them to take their weekly spelling test. THen, they were as excited as me. I am just a little disappointed this year that I will not have a cart that’s all my own this year and so I will not be as likely to use it on a regular basis. Especially with an inspired classroom, having my own cart would allow me to use it on the spur of the moment if I have two students who are having trouble getting along so that they could both still get the assignment done.

  8. I like the use of the Alphasmarts with Kindergarten. I plan to try and use this as a workstation with my class. Patience will be the virtue with me and alphasmarts. With your help and encouragement will definitely help me this year.

  9. It is a great way to incorporate technology and a most students will be more excited about doing assignments.


    I loved being wiht all my colleagues and developing a deeper understanding of technological integration.


  10. I can’t wait to use them more! I already created a quiz based on the Flag Code that we learned last week for social studies. I also loved the ideas for the DOL (sentence correction) and the go around stories. Thank you so much Angela!

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