Stars & Stripes

united-states-flagYou have the right to do many things every day becaue of our Constitution.  Without our Constitution, or if you lived in another country, you might not have some of these rights.  On September 17th we celebrate Constitution Day. What does Constitution Day mean to you?


13 thoughts on “Stars & Stripes”

  1. Constitution means alot to people It means alot to me we get to be a free a Country. It is a good thing we are not ruled by other people from other Countries. We get to do everithing we want on that day unless it it nessacery. I like Constitution day It is special to me and other people.So be good on constitution day Got it

  2. What constitutoin day means to me:It means if we didn’t have the constitution we would not be able to choose what school we could go to. We also would not be able to choose what church we would go to.

  3. The Constitution means alot to me, because we get to be a free country and not ruled by anybody else. Also,we can add anything to it as long as it is nessasary. Just think, if we did not have the constitution today we would most likely still be ruled by England. I also love that they (the people who made the constitution) put a rule that said women can vote when they are eighteen on The Bill of Rights. That is some of the few things the constitution means to me.

  4. Constitution day to me means that something specail
    has happend like the birth of America,and the other very special stuff, the Constitution is on of the most specail things in the world.

  5. The constitution means alot for me,!we are a free contry! If it was not for the constitution I will not be able to choose whic curch I will go to. I will not be able to choose my school.

  6. The constitution day means to me that we all do the same thing. We all do the things that make us happy,and proud. I do many things that make others proud,and that makes me proud of my self.So why don’t you do somehting to make others happy,and to make you happy. For this Constitution day I want you to make someone in your family or neborhood proud and happy.

    I Loooooooooooooooooooooooooove AMERICA!

    1. Living in America is reason to be proud. I am proud of the USA and I love my country. “My country ’tis of the thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I see.” Do you know this song? Can you finish it?

  7. It means alought to me because,if are presidents never made the constitution we wouldn’t be able to be free. We wouldn’t get to play outside because the people who build the parks will not get a job because,we aren’t free. All the kids would be sad. We wouldn’t have school either. We wouldn’t have computers to send this message to you. That’s what it means to me.

  8. It means a lot to me cause we have laws and rights that we have to follow too. If our Preisents didn’t give us laws the United states would be going crazy. So we have to have laws and rights. And if we didn’t have the constitution we would’t have rights.

    1. You have a very interesting reply to my post! It is very important to have rules and laws. It is even more important to follow them. Without guidelines, you are right, our society would be in chaos!

  9. To me Constutution Day means freedom.
    If America was like how it was 250 years ago I would not, be happy.
    I am also happy the slavery, and abuse age is over!
    My parents were born in Romania, but I was born in America.


  10. I think Constitution Day means to me is that long ago, every American could have the right to do something they want to do. Without the Constitution people now or people back then would not have the right to do any thing they want.

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