iFair to Remember — December 4th

The Irving ISD Technology and Media Fair is just around the corner.  This year’s event promises to bigger and better than ever with YOUR entry. You may enter as an individual or as a group. You may enter as many categories as you wish. Enter each category! Got a question about the rules/requirements? Ms. Dobbs or Mrs. Smyers can answer your questions as well as can your teacher. Friday, December 4th, your entries are due! We can’t wait to see your creativity! Make this an iFair to Remember!

This is a list of the categories. Clicking each link will take you to a detailed description of that category complete with judging criteria. Divisions in each category exist for PreK – Staff!

iFilm–Digital Video, short or long
iWrite–Desktop Publishing, single or multipage
iCreate–Digital Graphics, Original illustrated Art
iDesign–Digital Graphics, Product Design
iPublish–Website Design
iSee–Digital Photography
iHear–Digital Audio

iWant to know…..
Please ask questions.  We want to know what you are thinking!


3 thoughts on “iFair to Remember — December 4th”

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