Butterflies in the Garden

Chrysalis are collected world-wide, packed carefully and shipped to butterfly exhibits, like the one in Fort Worth we visited today.

Imagine that you are a butterfly that has just emerged! You are new in the Fort Worth exhibit. Describe your surroundings. What do you see and smell? What are the other butterflies doing? What will you do and why? Are you able to leave? Remember, you are writing from the perspective of the butterfly!


12 thoughts on “Butterflies in the Garden”

  1. I just came to the Fort Worth excibit.I see butterflys
    bisi flyying in the air and iting plants.I smel plants
    and animals.I wil fly and eat.I cant scape because
    theres walls.

  2. I just arrived. To the Fort Worth exhibit. I am with more butterflies and lots of food to eat!! I am so shy because there is so much people. I smell lots of fruit and people. I wonder wen are they are going to let me go. I ♥ to fly all around the exhibit!! At first my dream was to go but know my dream is never go away. I ♥ to lay lots and lots of eggs. I have fun by seen my babyes come out of their eggs and playng with my friends.I RELLY ♥ BEEN HEE!!!!!!!!!☺☻☺☻

  3. I just arrived in the Fort Worth exhibit. I am so proud to see more butterflies just like me. There is a lot of food for all the butterflies. I am so shy because there is a lot if people looking at me. I smell too much nectar. My favorite thing to do in here, is to play and drink a lot of nectar with my friends. My dream is to lay too many eggs so the butterfly cycle will not end. I ♥ to be hanging in trees with all the butterflies because that is the best way we can have a lot of fun. My best part of the exhibit is where all the blubonnet,marygold and many other flowers! IT IS SO FUN BEEN IN HERE!!!!!! ☺ ☻ ♥

  4. Wen a first aruait in the ford worth exhhibit
    a hard frins lake me but my frins word bese
    flin.In a was desen lookin for food in den a was learnign to fliy.A lake my world a lake
    my laif.My color is blue.

  5. If I were a butterfly I would see a lot of leaves that are really green. And there would be a lot of butterflies drinking necter from the flowers. I would also see butterflies of a lot of colors. I would smell the flowers and drink there nectar like the other butterflies. I would like to leave the forth worth exhibit because I would like to see outside the forth worth exhibit.

  6. I just arived in the world exhibit and the othere buterflys are my new best friends in here.i can see alot of plants trees and buterflys the plants are there becase i drink there necter.it feels like if the forth worth exhibit is my new and own home rigt now. I like to drink necter that comes from the plants
    i see alot of things in the exhibit and smell alot of things. othere buterflys are just flying around.i will escape becase i can be free.

  7. I yust arived to a butterfly. I see alot of butterflys and flowers and is so buteful things.I smell flowers and the smell ofthe rair and more things hear.In this garden thers alot of things and theirs alot of son hier.And when I grow more I mabe go to anoder place to libe in their.

  8. I just arived to the Forth Worth buterfly exhibit.They are alot of buterflys and pretty plants.There are some plants and buterflys flying around me.I can smell the nature of plants that soround me.The other buterflys are flyng around and some are as seelp other playing.I will be playing flying around whith the other buterflys.Because I want to have fun to.Iam able to be around the exhibit but as I grow a cant leave.

  9. Today I arived in the fort worth exhibit.I smell wonderfull and biutifull flowers.One other thing is that I smell good food.Then I see other butterflys eating food.I see wonderfull flowers.I am aeting my food.Onother thing is that Im geting nectar.That is what hapend when I arived.

  10. Today I arived in the Fort Worth exhibit garden.Wen I got aut of the pupa I see alot of flowers and it smell good. I see alot of buterflies aroude me and alot of trees with green laeves.
    Im geting nectar of good flowers

  11. Tudai i haf bin bornd i am suraunded of trees and olot of buttorflys dat ar flayng.Ai goin tu fli goin tu be lick them and ai am

  12. Today I arrived at the Forth Worth Botanical Garden. There are so many butterflies here with me. Everyone is busy flying around and eating. I see green all around me and beautiful flowers. I wonder when I will be able to fly away to another place.

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