We the people….

As citizens of the United States of America, we have many reasons to be proud. The Constitution of the United States gives us many freedoms and rights. Specifically, the constitution established three branches of government: legislative, judicial, and executive. Pick one branch of our national government. Tell how that branch functions. What would happen if we did not have that branch of the government?


13 thoughts on “We the people….”

  1. Executive The president V.P Capemanet Makeup Executive ebrench. The Presintent can have two4year terns. The Executive branch is over the military.

  2. my favorite branch of our goverment is executive because it has important things like the president.if we didnt we would not have the house we would have no bills and we will have no laws

    Can you give me a little more information on the house you are referring to?

  3. Exective because the president makes bills a law.Also the president controls the millitary.The president also forms agrement with our contries.

  4. My favorite Goverment branch is Legislative .
    Because we make bills . With out bills all of us wouldnt
    have water , electricity , A.C , heat , buildings , cars , etc . Or anything else . ((almost everything

  5. My favorite branch of our goverment is executive. Because it has the president and vice president. And because the presidentand vice president are really inportant

  6. the president is the boss of the military. the president can move bills into the laws.the president can serve two 4 year tearms.the executive branch is made of president v.p. and cabinet.

  7. The legitalive can take out the executive and jvdicial.they make the bills.The executive cant take them out.But the voters can.

    When you say “take out” do you mean remove from office?

  8. legislative has two kinds of goverment in it congress and senate.congress and senate can impeach the president and the supreme court.congress has control over the president and the supreme court.

  9. my favorite branch is the legislative because they can
    have more control over the president they can vote who they dont think is doing a good job.

  10. the executive branch is most important because they are in charge of defense. If other people want to have a war with us the army could come and protect us.

  11. I am not sure I can even pick one of the 3 branches because it takes all 3 of them to make sure no one has more power than they should. They work together so well to ensure that we are free in America and that we have rights that are protected. I’m thankful for the freedoms, rights and that great balance of power our government has. Thank you Constitution!

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