eNews From Your Classroom and PLNs

“How was school today?”

“What did you do?”

Sound familiar?
Parent Communication and participation is an important piece of a child’s educational puzzle. They need to know and most want to know, what is happening in class. Oh how times have changed. I remember team meetings 25 years ago where we literally cut & pasted our newsletters together. Then we ran to the thermo machine to make a master, so could turn ourselves purple. Wow! Were we ever glad for high speed copiers! Now, enter in eNews from your Classroom…

On one of my Twitter resources , I found this statement, “I have found more resources and got more useful advice for professional development in 3 months on Twitter than in the previous 5 years without it. I’ll go further. The more I use it, the more useful it gets.” My sentiments exactly.


2 thoughts on “eNews From Your Classroom and PLNs”

  1. Great presentation! I didn’t have a PLN account previously and now I’ve got one. I feel like I can manage multiple accounts with Tweetdeck.

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