The List

This school year started with a promise to myself to blog on a consistent basis. I must make myself accountable for this action.  Logging in my account tonight, I received an added boost to find the first post from Mandy Froehlich.   This week has been packed full of reading, walking, listening, sketching, and filling my brain with learning at TCEA’s annual convention in San Antonio, Texas.  One of my favorite sessions was a half day session with Mrs. Froehlich.  I gained some insight that will be very helpful for me professionally and personally, as well as help our school.  I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from her.

We all have lists. Personal lists for things we need to do at home. Then we find the “to do” list for our professional lives.  Some lists are short. Some are long.  Whatever list you are looking at right now, set it aside. The “to do” list will always be there. It will never stop. It will continue to grow.  How are you reaching goals you have set for yourself? How are you finding balance?  How are you spending time family?  For me, I need to set that “to do” list aside, and listen more to those around.  My list can wait. My goals need to become reality.

Here’s to 2019, goals, shorter lists, and living life!

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