Grades K – 2 Blogging ideas

Post your ideas for classroom blogging here.  Please begin each post/response with the subject.

Language Arts:  Post the letter of the week.  Students type the letter five times on the five lines. Students must use the <enter> key.


11 Responses to Grades K – 2 Blogging ideas

  1. Irma says:

    This instructional lesson was great. I can use more of the alphasmarts now. I am very sad that I don’t have my own cart this year. But thanks for all of that…

  2. anna says:

    Writing – They can write the names of their pets or family members.

    Math – They can count the numbers of a particular item (ie. light switches) in their home/school/etc. and report back to the blog.

  3. JJ says:

    Write as many words that you can that start with bl.

  4. Anna V says:

    Language Arts: Students can write about their summer vacation.

  5. revincent says:

    Language Arts:
    In the writing station, students cn type one thing they enjoyed about their summer vacation.

  6. mrsborja says:

    Kinder Writing
    Have students practice writing thier name first and last.

  7. amanda says:

    welcome to green team. think about joining 21st century and be on the Green team.

  8. rios7 says:

    Language Arts:

    Type the vowels a, e, i, o and u.

  9. ann says:

    Language Arts: type your name 3 times

  10. jennifertakala says:

    Math: Type three numbers in a fact family. Students will respond with the four math problems in thta fact family.

  11. Junida says:

    Spanish/English cognates for science words

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